The opposite of cold buns...

We went to a bed n breakfast this past weekend.

Fri night we were checking out the dungeons and DD and I ended up doing a scene. I topped him quite viciously and left many bite and hand marks on his body. I made him scream and wail, and it gave me a dizzying sense of joy and power. My brain would tingle everytime he'd scream. I felt high on power and enjoyed every minute of it.

Sat afternoon DD topped me and we tried out a few of the toys in the dungeon. DD whipped me on the cross for a bit, I'm starting to like the sting the whip gives, it can tickle me one moment and make me gasp the next. DD hooked me up to a rigging in the ceiling, I couldn't run away. I tried though, but I could only get a few feet away with my wrists hanging, and DD could still get to me. He'd laugh everytime I tried to flee. DD spanked me, whipped me, flogged me and mercilessly tickled and tortured me. I have a love/hate relationship with the Warburton wheel, I love torturing DD with it but I hate getting tortured with it myself. DD tortured my nipples and even tried a clamp, which didn't work out well.

After the scene, DD and I cuddled in our blankie and then we moved to the bedroom. I gave DD some attention and proved I was a good little cocksucker. DD came in my mouth and all over me (I couldn't take it all so some slipped out of my mouth) After that I had a nice nap. I was beat! We had dinner and then did another scene. This time I started face down on the medical table and DD tortured my poor breasts till I couldn't take it anymore. He flogged and prodded them, pinching my nipples and flicking them. I was strapped into the table and tried to lift my breasts away but I couldn't. Daddy laughed evilly everytime I tried to get away.

DD took me off the table and into the other dungeon to the split chair. He strapped me in the chair and forcibly made me cum...he pressed a vibe against my clit and embarrassed and humiliated me so I'd come again and again. I couldn't resist and it was torturous to be forced. DD took me off the chair and bent me over and strapped me into the sawhorse. He spanked my bum till it was warm and then filled me with a butt plug. He attached a vibe to the plug and I was moaning steadily. He spanked me with the plug in. It felt amazing, a mix of pleasure and pain that could probably drive me to insanity. He bit my sides and back and grabbed at me. He grabbed my head and forced it on his cock and I had no choice but to take it again and again.

DD took me off the sawhorse and strapped me onto the cross. I'd asked him to make me cry at the end of the scene and he whipped me, spanked me and flogged me until I subsisted into sobbing. DD put some mats down on the floor, and wrapped me in the blankie and I cried and cried. DD gave me my soother and I cuddled with him until I was all cried out.

The day ran together as one long scene so it's hard for me to say if my memory of what happened is perfectly accurate.

I came back from the weekend happy and relaxed and I can't wait to do it again.