Sunshine, Rainbows and Spankings!

Lately things have been very good. DD and I have found comfort in our dynamic and we've definitely grown. I haven't felt little much lately, but sometimes that goes in phases.

I've been wearing a temp-permanent collar for a few months now. Since the middle of august. It's a cheap one we bought at a fair as a test. It's worked out well for the most part, I wear it everyday, being able to take it off to exercise,bathe and sleep. There was only one instance when I went without it for a few days but we resolved that and moved forward. DD has a pretty permanent collar for me, that he is waiting to give me, I'm not what the circumstances for that are as of yet.

We went to our favourite BnD again last weekend and had a very nice time. I was struggling with my emotions when we got there but DD 'beat' them out of me so i could be happy the rest of the weekend. I even got a chance to take out some punishment on DD, which is always tremendously fun.

We haven't been going to many other Fetish events lately, we had a bit of an event hangover after the busyness of the summer.

I've been having some body-image issues that make me shy to take off my clothes now, but DD is helping me through it.

All in all, Life is good, inside the lifestyle and out.