Recently we had a rope scene. It started innocently enough with a standard harness from our brand new and unforgiving hemp rope. I made some stylish designs and wrapped her tightly. She started to drop as I went to the legs and utilized yarn and then some thin silk rope. Flat on her back now, she started to reach her end and I started to untie her.

I stood her up and this is where the fun began.

While releasing her from the binds I was touching her and maneuvering the knots in rough but sensual ways. She started wobbling and I can only try to describe what happened to me. I grew hungry, creative, and zestful with the rope and just started using it. It was a very different headspace for me and one she drank deeply from in her submission.

I wound up her breasts and used the rope to flick, rub, and overall drive her loony. I created a new harness out of this primal zest and it was amazing.