A "little" upset...

I tend to over react to stressful problems and in stressful situations. I panic and panic and....panic.

Since I discovered my lg, she's started to come out during these situations.

When I'm stressed and my lg makes an appearance I will have the urge to colour, or to hug a stuffed animal and cry. Lately it's been a mixture of both, lots of crying combined with lots of colouring.

I have crayons, pencil crayons, markers and a My Little Pony colouring book for when my colouring urge hits me.


More often then not, my little comes out when I'm out shopping. Especially if I'm in a store that sells toys.
Whether I'm with Daddy or by myself.

I'll be shopping along and once I start to see toys I'll suddenly feel the urge to skip and 'ooh' and 'ahh' over every toy I see. A little voice in my head will be saying 'Daddy, Daddy, Daddy' over and over again as I look wide-eyed at everything.

My little has no concept about money so sometimes I'll spend more than I like because I wanted some new shiny toys.


There was a time when the idea of calling my Dom 'Daddy", horrified me. I thought it was wrong and it made me feel weird.

My Dom never pushed the subject but it subtly came up every so often in play. Then one day, I called him Daddy and I haven't looked back.

I can't remember when it happened or what caused it, but maybe he does. All I know is now I look forward to calling him Daddy, it still makes me feel funny, but in very good ways.

It's embarrassing and humiliating to an extent, but it also makes me feel safe and special.


My DD established some rules; partly because I asked him to, and partly because he felt it was what was best for me.

Love marks

Bruises freak me out. When we first started 'playing' I'd get really upset if Daddy left any bruises, (they were always accidental.)

Last time I saw him, Daddy left red marks and bruises. We got hot and heavy and lately i've been into getting bitten . Daddy obliged me and made me squeal and orgasm like never before , biting me all over. I woke up the next day with hickeys, bruises and scratch marks.

I complained a little to Daddy but he told me to remember what caused them and how I felt.

Little girl days and toys

Occasionally I get to have a little girl day. This means I can dress up as a lg and play with all my lg toys.

I have a my little pony t-shirt, a hello kitty nightgown and a pretty flower t-shirt that I can wear.

I can play with colouring books, building toys, my rainbow loom, puzzle books, my littlest pet shop toys and anything else Daddy's bought me.

I also have a pretty bow hair clip I can put in, to make me feel cute.

Being Big is hard...

Sometimes the grown-up world gets to me. Sometimes there's too much stress, too much responsibility and I feel like I'm going to explode.

That's when I crave lg time the most. A time to be carefree and play and not have to worry about anything. When I can play on my rainbow loom, colour, watch disney movies and just let go of everything else in my life.

Tonight is one of those times.


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