I've always had a fantasy of getting gangbanged.

In my mind I can see it...

Oasis Spanking

When Daddy and I went to the Oasis, we did lots of fun things, and we ended in the dungeon (the best place!)

It was filled with oddly shaped furniture, various things to tie people too and a giant sex swing.

Daddy bent me over an S shaped lounger so my bum was up in the air and my legs were dangling off the floor. He put his hand on the small of my back to hold me down and he started to spank me.

A Little Help

We went to a Fetish club again. It was our third time at this particular one (see blog entry Demure & Intrepid for visit #1).

It's a fair drive for us to get to the club being at least an hour and a half which makes for a late night.

We missed most of the evening event that showed off various kinks but stayed for the play party. It was neat to see how they transformed the show back into a play space.

Memories of an Oasis

Some time ago we attended our first sex club. We spent a lot of time in or around the outdoor heated pool. We watched a little bit but the attendees we observed were a little shy.

There wasn't much socializing going on but the staff was nice. We did two very memorable things.

Erotic Fiction

Lately I've been trying my hand at erotic fiction. The sort of fiction I wish there was available for me to read. A couple of the short stories are more for SS. She did a write-up at my request (as part of an embarrassment session as I had her read it to me while I brought myself to climax) which I took and copyedited with some liberty.

I do small press publishing as a hobby business, helping new authors get their career going and creating projects like anthologies and games. I have never done erotic fiction before but much of what I read seems so tame.

Play day!

I had a play day with Daddy today!

We watched cartoons, napped, played games and DD made lunch and supper.

Daddy gave me some presents, a Hello kitty board game and a Chickadee magazine. ( I shared jokes and puzzles from the magazine with DD in his office.)

We played Guess Who, the Hello Kitty game, and tiny bowling on the living room floor.

Daddy let me watch Barbie Life in the dreamhouse, Jem and the Holograms, Littlest Pet shop and Ever After High. We also watched 'The Flash' during dinner, but it was live action.

Too busy

Lately DD's too busy dealing with "adult" problems to pay his lg any attention.

He's too upset with the "big girl" to pay any mind to his lg.

He says he will have a lg day, and I'm eagerly anticipating it, but when is it going to happen?

I've sent him so many coloured pictures and drawings lately because im excited about having a lg day.

What else can I do to make him see I need it?


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