Lion Tamer

SoundlySmurfed was mad, really mad. Furious...

Been there, Scene that...

We went to a fetish club just over a week ago. We got there pretty late because we wasted time being silly.

DD and I saw a few people we know and chatted with one of them most of the night . DD and I bantered back and forth a little bit and he embarrassed me in good ways in front of ther people.

We were going to do a scene and before we started DD put my collar on me, it's a thin black leather collar with a cute cat bell on it. He also put a leash on it, lent to him by our friend.

What's the point?

DD and I are not on the same page and this past weekend was a complete waste of time and energy. (Except for Kites...yay Kites.)

This blog is supposed to be a safe place for me.

Just when i think I've got us figured out, a wrench gets thrown in,

DD loves his little girl to be sure...I dont know what he thinks of any other part of me. He spoils her like a princess and takes really good care of her.


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