Back in Black

SS took a break from the 24/7 aspect of our relationship and has recently made clear she wants it back....

Away From Keyboard

We booked a bed & breakfast this past weekend. Originally we were going to rent a cottage but we chose this route together.

One other thing, this B&B has a dungeon. 

That's right, we went to a Bed & Dungeon. 

We had no idea what to expect. I certainly had no clue what the hosts were like or their house. We just rolled the dice and took a risk. As usual, we also overpacked. Okay, I overpacked. What can I say, I have a boyscout mentality.

The opposite of cold buns...

We went to a bed n breakfast this past weekend.

Fri night we were checking out the dungeons and DD and I ended up doing a scene. I topped him quite viciously and left many bite and hand marks on his body. I made him scream and wail, and it gave me a dizzying sense of joy and power. My brain would tingle everytime he'd scream. I felt high on power and enjoyed every minute of it.

Full Metal Kink

It may not seem kinky however we went to a Medieval Festival. 

What were our goals? Fetwear and Jousting...

A Little Help 2

[Smurfer here. This story happened around eight months ago and was written up a short time after that. Please see my blog post "A Little Help" for some general information and our comments about this occurrence. We waited to have Indigo's permission before posting this story. I only edited it slightly hoping not to change SoundlySmurfed's voice. I hope you enjoy it.]


Ocular Entanglement

It seems that almost every time we're going to a kink event, we start fighting and wondering why we're going.

Why spend money to do something we can do at home? Why are we doing this fetish stuff? Why can't we get on the same page? Why are Doritos so expensive?

Fight, pout, grrrrrr, snap.

Then we step into the club or event and poof, everything is right as rain. All the problems disappear, our relationship feels normal and we fit perfectly together.


Cross my heart and hope to subspace

We went to a club last night and had a scene on the cross for the first time. I was nervous and excited! I wasnt feeling very little so I dressed in all black for a change, like a good little hoe. :)

DD used lots of implements on me and the sensations felt different because I was standing up, we've never really done a scene with me standing up before.


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