The spanking with SS increased and became more and more prevalent. She needed the release and felt so much better afterwards. 

It was many months later before I even knew the term "aftercare" and yet I performed it from the beginning.

A new sexual aspect entered the spankings and with it a strong exciting humiliation. We started talking about D/s and what else to try.  There was trust and we rarely, if ever, talked about a scene prior to partaking. In fact the term "scene" wasn't in our play vocabulary yet.

How It Started

Neither SS (SoundlySmurfed) nor I sought out this lifestyle. We naturally slid into it like a comfortable cardigan. As time went on, we learned that what we were doing had a label.

This all started as an electric romantic desire for each other and escalated into a passionate and very romantic dance between lovers.

While we were both rough with the kissing, battling for control, there was a specific action awaiting us.


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