Gor 1-4

I recently read the first four Gor books by John Norman.

Purpose: To see what all the fuss was about regarding slavery in BDSM and the Gorean life.

Tarnsman (Book 1): I found...


We're looking at many different providers of rope, the different methods to prepare and maintain the rope, and what rope we want. There is so much to consider....

I think we want 7-8mm Jute in 25 and 15 foot lengths (probably cut the 15s to 12s), colour coded by length but that also complement each other for Shibari.
Then we want a 4-5mm 10 foot hemp for Hojojutsu.

I also personally want a thin 10 foot hemp for my Kunai.

Sunshine, Rainbows and Spankings!

Lately things have been very good. DD and I have found comfort in our dynamic and we've definitely grown. I haven't felt little much lately, but sometimes that goes in phases.


This is where the fun began.

The Joy of Dry Humping

This pleasing art for does not get it's deserved recognition...

He said no, and yet...

I asked DD if I could be his sub again recently. After considering it for a few weeks his final answer was no.

Yet since then he acts as if he had said yes, he expects complete obedience and wants complete control without using the label or actually taking on the responsibility of being my Dom.

He gives me scenes in public, and takes the attention he wants.

We had a major fight last night that ended with us grappling and me getting a semi-scene.

DD doesnt like when i get upset, he expects me not to yell, cry or be emphatic with my voice.


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