Full Metal Kink

It may not seem kinky however we went to a Medieval Festival. 

What were our goals? Fetwear and Jousting. 

You get the fetwear right? Corsets, etc., but Jousting?

Just think about two guys colliding with 5000 pounds of pressure and compare it to impact play.

I have played hockey and rugby. Why? I loved the impact. Is it any wonder I enjoy impact play in my social life? 

This jousting intrigues me. My concern is really my age. It's a sport riddled with injuries and there isn't much money in it. It dominates the lives of those who participate. 

I'm also interested in authentic medieval fighting. Armour and weapons bashing the crap out of each other. 

I currently participate in fairly rough martial arts and weapons training however it's not the same.

Perhaps I just want to fuck SoundlySmurfed while wearing armour ala Excalibur.