Cross my heart and hope to subspace

We went to a club last night and had a scene on the cross for the first time. I was nervous and excited! I wasnt feeling very little so I dressed in all black for a change, like a good little hoe. :)

DD used lots of implements on me and the sensations felt different because I was standing up, we've never really done a scene with me standing up before.

He tickle tortured me with the walburton wheel, and held my legs down so I couldnt move away. He used the whip onme and it was one of my favourite parts of the scene. The whip can give a few sensations, it can be soft and tickly, it can feel scratchy and it can sting. I was scared of the whip when he first got it, but after having it used on me a few times I'm really starting to like it. I think it's because I cant tell how hard I'll be hit with the whip because I cant hear it wind up. I can hear when DD is winding up with the flogger so can gauge how hard it will be, but the whip is a surprise.

DD also flogged me, from shoulders to bum, with the rope flogger and the soft leather one. I'm still a bit unsure about the flogging on the back, I still enjoy it on my bum the most. I find smacking and flogging on the back, if done too hard, can pull me out of whatever supspace I've gone to, it can be really jarring.

DD finished by some hard/fast barehand spanking, my favourite part. I was close to dropping before that moment and that sent me right down.

We snuggled on the couch while I afterglowed, and I could feel warm tingles in my bum.

I glowed for the rest of the night and all the way home. I felt warm and safe and cozy.

Today my bum is tingly and sore on the surface, as well as tender underneath the skin. It's a hard to describe the feeling, and I feel like I got the release I needed last night after a stressful day.

It's a special relationship with DD...he can cause me intense pain and pleasure inside and outside of the fetish lifestyle. I think the pain brings us closer together , forming a bond that is at times painful, and also addictive.


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Tomorrow we put you in Stocks!