Lion Tamer

SoundlySmurfed was mad, really mad. Furious. 

She showed up with an ultimatum and some poorly thought out actions. It would have been my nature to call her on them. In this case my gut advised me to give in to her as my mind considered the options quickly.

I hate ultimatums and almost always call them out. Even when people press for an answer before I know it, I'll just respond in the negative. Eg. I need to know if you are coming this weekend? The real answer is "I don't know yet until other information is available." What I say is, "No." Why? Well, I reason that if I say yes but end up not being able to attend, I've not kept my word. If I say no and end up being able to attend I can simply not go.

Poor reasoning, I know. There's an aspect of simply being unwilling to give in to an ultimatum because I disagree with them morally. There must be exceptions and this was one. I didn't fear the alternative, I just wanted her to finally give me what she's been needing to give me for weeks.

Now, back to my growling lioness. 

She demanded to spank me for being bad. I obliged, waiting on the bed until she was ready. 

I was stripped and spanked with a viscious metal paddle (and other implements) until I apologized. I didn't give in easily and pushed her to what limits I could until the wartenburg wheel came out. I hate that thing. It's not a good hate. I really dislike it. I tried and tried to resist but I gave in. 

Then she pegged me. Fucked me silly. Made me say I was her little bitch. She flipped me over and pegged me further while smiling and winking at me. It's some of the happiest I've ever seen her. Pumping away, sweat flooding off her face and a permanent grin. 

I shifted up a bit and it caught her in a good way. She came hard and decided not to stop until I came as well.

A pegging come true. Then the aftercare. 


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I should say she also told some great stories. I love storytime during play.