Been there, Scene that...

We went to a fetish club just over a week ago. We got there pretty late because we wasted time being silly.

DD and I saw a few people we know and chatted with one of them most of the night . DD and I bantered back and forth a little bit and he embarrassed me in good ways in front of ther people.

We were going to do a scene and before we started DD put my collar on me, it's a thin black leather collar with a cute cat bell on it. He also put a leash on it, lent to him by our friend.

DD told me to start stripping before I got up from the table. He started to pull my shirt off and left it stuck over my head so my face was blocked and I couldnt see. My breasts and nipples were played with for a few minutes and I whined quite thoroughly about not being able to see.

DD let me take my shirt off eventually and told me to goto the spanking bench and strip. I took off my skirt and panties and glared at him the whole time. Then I had to lay down on the spanking bench and wait for him. He waited a long time to come over and I laid there all exposed, feet twitching in impatience. My face was red too and I kept hiding it under my hands. I was facing the crowd and my bum was facing the wall, it was an agonizingly long time to wait.

When DD finally came over, he brought a friend with him (We'll call his friend, Mr.F.). He laid out all his tools, putting some of the more rough ones in full view in front of my face , so I could stare at them and anticipate their use.

DD and Mr.F started rubbing me down, it was a weird sensation to feel 4 hands on me all at once, my mind was telling me I shouldn't be feeling so many hands in different spots, it was awesome. DD and Mr.F then took turns doing various things to me, and I had a hard time most of the time figuring out who was touching me (I couldnt see them). I'd only know DD wasnt touching me when he'd appear at my front and ask me for a colour.

There was lots of sensation play that turned into tickle torture, I was laughing hysertically at some of the feeling. Then it'd abruptly shift to impact play and I'd be squealing in pain instead. I was literally dripping with sweat, from all the twitching and moving. My back got scratched by different implements, and flogged as well as slapped. My bum got spanked, flogged and grabbed. My breasts even got slapped around a little. When we started the scene there was still quite a few people there, I'm not sure how long the scene went on but when we finished it was just us and the owners.

My favourite part of the scene was at the end when I got near simultaneous spankings on each cheek by two different people. They timed it so that one would slap and a second later the other one would get the other cheek. I would be in midjerk from the first slap and then jerk more when the second one would hit. My bum felt rosey red when we finished and I was completely spaced out. DD helped me get to the couch and I snuggled with him and a blanket for a while until I came to my senses.

I was feeling really good after that, like I'd done a nice hard workout.

It was a good night, I hoped for a scene, but I never expected I'd get a scene with two people!


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I notice you left out the first moment of rosy cheeks.