Where is the Bedroom?

Try as we might, some things just escape the bedroom. 

SoundlySmurfed requested we move things from 24/7 to bedroom-only some time back in reaction to a conflict. We've tried but it doesn't seem to be working.

The Dom/sub and Domestic Discipline aspects have been removed entirely however the Daddy/little aspects simply stay.

No matter how hard we try to push them into the bedroom, they just won't go. They're integral to who we are as a couple.

SS had some fun recently with lg time and more. One day SS went a little lust-crazy and we ended up on the carpet after some fun battles to see who went against the door while making out.

Round and round we went as she showed off her strength and ability until I turned the tables and fucked her silly (at some point during which we eventually made it to the carpet after a memorable moment in "The Clasp" position - it's all about using the room). She initiated and I obliged. This was loving and rough. I don't see the two as exclusive. 

We also recently met a new friend. For now we'll call her Bunny. I introduced myself to her on Fetlife after she posted in a group and we agreed to meet for coffee (Bunny, SoundlySmurfed and I). We were impressed and think she enjoyed meeting us. We'll see what comes of it with no expectation but a lively hope of friendship and perhaps some play.