Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to be sexually humiliated. It was always like a pressure cooker; as if i'd explode if some girl didn't take advantage of me and dominate me. 

I have clear memories as a pre-teen, sneaking into my parent's basement with a blue plastic hairbrush, bending over the table-hockey and lighting up each bum cheek with great pleasure as I thought about it.

I fantasized since primary grades about somehow being caught naked by older girls and them grabbing me, spanking me and forcing me to cum.

I was such a shy kid (still am) but I would have tossed off my clothes in a heartbeat given the opportunity. I ran around a field completely naked all the time and snuck around the woods. 

The desire to show myself to girls started young and was always so hard to resist. It was like holding back warhorses that wanted to gallop away. 

As I've matured, it's much easier to hold those horses in and I have no desire to force another person to see me. I do still fantasize about it, just in more private ways.