Afterglow for the Dom

I'm thinking about roles and the sexual component to them.

I read a lot that BDSM isn't about sex.

At times I find myself doing a scene that's about another type of release for the other participant. Maybe it isn't a sexual scene but it excites me in a way I'm unable to hide.

I would hazard a guess that this would be the case for just about any fetish play i've delved into. No matter how rough or ridiculous the scene is; whether we're laughing, screaming, moaning or wailing; I'm usually erect. There is a sexual energy involved.

While it's nice to orgasm with my partner, I have found that when doing fetish scenes - even sex scenes - I usually don't orgasm.

Then I was just thinking on my drive home after I brought her out of the abyss and back into my arms, how satisfied I feel. I have this burn in my cheeks that's every bit as satisfying as when I bottom.

This feeling is one of calm contentment that makes me realize how tightly wound up i've been lately.

Even though I was the Top, I have an afterglow. No, there was no orgasm here, but it was deeply sexual and indeed had a climax.