No Fanatical Focus

I have many hobbies and activities that finding time for them all is difficult. I never fit into a single clique because I don't spend the bulk of my time on any one activity.

Spanking is easily my favourite hobby. It's an integral part of me that I would rather never do without.

Recently the single tail whip has my attention but rope has fallen by the wayside.

I'd love to have more humiliation play however it's difficult to find the right people to include.

Those are only the top kinky items on my list, not the whole list. Outside of that lifestyle choice there are the more geeky things.

I enjoy Aikido, playing ice hockey, pen & paper roleplaying games, comic books, collecting coins, all sorts of games, knife throwing, ax throwing, darts, fooseball, bocce, horseshoes, table tennis, safe falling of trees to shepherd the forest, and so many more, including the new collecting of terra cotta army figures.

Work, play, keep house, chores, book keeping, etc... where does one find the time?

I have always been this way. I sometimes wish I had a focus like others. A tv show or movie series they collect everything for. This isn't just about hobbies, it's about life. I've always been very good at everything but never the best at anything.

So I'm athletic, intelligent, philosophical, woodsy, creative, mathematically inclined, and so on, but while I excel in most aspects, I rarely can compete at the highest levels.

Pantology - Jack of many trades.