Xmas Eve 2014

We're heading to bed. It isn't true Xmas Eve but our version. My poor little girl went down a little too far in our play and needed some tlc.

I surprised her with baby wipes before we put her diaper on this time. She did well and is adorable with her soother in her mouth.

We put out food and drink for Santa and his reindeer. This hit me hard emotionally. Leaving stuff for Santa with a note was very special for me. My little girl wanted it and we did it. I'm writing this entry in the aftermath of the feelings that built up from the action. It's like a need I had that's been stifled yet now is free. Having my little girl with me to celebrate and play for Xmas is so incredible and special.

It's always amazing to be with her however these moments really drive home how lucky I am. To me, life is about all these little happy moments in between careers and responsibilities. The little smiles and giggles make everything worthwhile. I love her very much.

Merry Christmas!


SoundlySmurfed's picture

It was very special to me too Daddy <3

I loved Santa's response to my letter, it was one of the best presents!