One of the things I worry about is SoundlySmurfed feeling submissive to others.

The idea that a co-worker or stranger could find out her lifestyle, embarrass her with the knowledge, and cause her to submit.

SS is a strong woman, but she's also very concerned about how others see her and may even consider her submissive side to be a weakness.

I see the strength it gives her as well as the power she wields, but she just does not seem able to perceive it.

Now, I have no issue with her voluntarily submitting to others we agree on nor is this a concern about her finding other Dominants to play with. This is about her feeling "less than" in her Vanilla life and allowing others to trod on her in a less than desirable way.

This is my concern.

I want her to feel empowered by our lifestyle and to feel strong and courageous in her life. She can always be vulnerable and safe with me. Even if someone finds out things she doesn't want them to find out, she shouldn't feel weakened. I've failed to help her in this manner, however I am always looking for new ways to show her.