Relationships & Jealousy

SoundlySmurfed is possessive, jealous, and sometimes controlling.

These aren't complaints, just observations. She gets jealous when I spend time with friends or family.

It's not that I don't understand the jealousy at all. I'd love to spend most of my time with her.

It generates a difficult situation for me sometimes. I have four nieces and five nephews with five in total that I'm close to and another two I'm relatively close with. I have had an open door relationship with them all as well as three vanilla friends.

There are two difficulties. This lifestyle is not really one any of them want to know about. One friend has some information and while he simply doesn't understand, he doesn't judge. The other issue is spending time with my loved ones without incurring the wrath of SS.

It doesn't help that some nieces and nephews take me for granted. They do and I don't discourage it.

It's a problem I haven't solved yet. It doesn't help that I have been jealous in the past of who SS spends her time with. In some ways it's getting better but it's far from resolved.


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I don't really spend time with anyone else anymore so Smurfers jealousy hasn't been present.
I am jealous and possessive, that won't likely change.

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The nieces and nephews are allowed to take Smurfer for granted and pretty much do whatever they want. It upsets me because I have no choice but to go along with what happens, they get to take him for granted because they're family, and I have to toe a line all the time. It's tiring.