I've always had a fantasy of getting gangbanged.

In my mind I can see it...

Daddy and I are going to be together tonight. He invited me over and told me to take extra time getting ready because he had a special surprise. I get to Daddy's house and notice theres lots of cars parked on his street, how unusual. I open the door to Daddy's house and walk into the middle of a party. There are a bunch of men and women inside and when i walk in, they all stop talking and stare at me. Daddy comes over and gives me a big hug. He says that now that i'm here the party can really start. Noone is talking, only staring as Daddy leads me through the crowd to a space in the living room. I see a spanking bench with ties on all 4 corners. Daddy tells me that I need to be a good girl and lay down on the spanking bench to get my surprise. I feel so shy around all these people, they are staring at me, as if they're waiting for something. i now know why Daddy told me to wear a skirt and no panties. Daddy gives me a gentle push to get me to lay down and I protest lightly. He grabs a fitsul of hair and directs me down, and I immediately submit. He lays me down on the bench, my knees supported by the lower part and my torso by the upper part. Daddy walks around the bench and ties down both of my hands and my feet. I struggle slightly and start to whine at him, he lifts my skirt and delivers a hard smack to my bum. I cry out and hear giggles throughout the room.

Daddy finishes tying me down and then i hear him stand up. He starts talking to the crowd, telling them that this is a special party for me to celebrate my first gangbang. He says anyone can have a turn with me. He tells them that if I start to act up while theyre touching me, they can spank me and if I start to complain, they can fill my mouth with whatever they want.

I start struggling frantically and making noise and Daddy says that anyone can come up and silence me. I hear movement and moments later I feel hands all over my body, rubbing my legs, my bum, my back, the sides of my breasts and in my hair. I feel a hand grab my hair and pull my hair up and I come face to face with a woman. She stares at me, then licks the side of my face. I try to shake her off but she holds my head firm. She licks the other side of my face then laughs as I whimper. As shes playing with my head , the other hands have started to pinch and scratch me. I feel hands go under me and squeeze my nipples. Another hand winds up and smacks my ass hard, making me cry out and accidentally spit in the womans face in front of me. She grabs my hair hard and I find myself face to face with her pussy. She shoves her pussy into my face and rides my mouth. She tells me I better do a good job, or Daddy said he'd punish me. I refuse to open my mouth ,feeling embarrassed at the whole situation. Suddenly the hands feeling my breasts grip both nipples and squeeze hard. I cry out and the woman riding my face takes the opportunity to shove her clit in my mouth. I taste the musk in her and immediately feel myself getting wet. I hear someone comment at how wet I'm getting and I feel my face go red. The woman reaches her orgasm and cums all over my face, some juices getting in my mouth, the rest going down my chin. She pulls away and i let my head drop, trying to catch my breath. I feel two hands spread my cheeks and a cock pushes into my pussy, right to the hilt. I cry out loudly and am immedaitely silenced by a cock in my face. An unknown man puts his hands in my hair and drives his cock deep in my throat, starting a hard thrusting pace. I moan around the cock, feeling full from both sides, and feeling my mind starting to drift. Its rough,hard sex, but the slight pain is steadily switching to a hot warm pleasure. I start to flick my tongue around the cock in my mouth, and I hear the man start to moan. i feel the cock in my pussy pause and hear a slurp noise. I feel a small object being forced into my ass and I struggle to push the cock out of my mouth so I can turn and see. The man grabs my head and keeps me still, then starts to fuck my throat deeply, sloshing noises and my gulping filling the air. The object in my ass gets pushed all the way in and the other cock starts moving again. I feel my pussy tightening and I hear Daddy say that everyone is going to see me cum soon. He says I squirt everywhere and he hopes I make a big mess so everyone can see what a slut I am. I feel the plug nin my ass being moved in and out and my orgasm starts to build, hard and fast. The cock in my mouth leaves abruptly to be replaced by a womans mouth. She kisses me deep and hard, biting my lip and yanking my hair. I moan into her mouth and my body starts to shake. The cock in my pussy is removed and so is the buttplug. The woman kissing me also leaves and I'm left laying on the bench, panting, sweating, with my orgasm receding. I whimper and ask why everything has stopped. Daddy walks up to me and tells me I need to earn my orgasm, like a good girl. He says i have to make more people cum or I don't get anything. I feel daddy's hand on my ass, he slaps it hard then pushes something into my pussy. I feel something going into my ass at the same time and I make jibberish whimpering sounds in response. Daddy tells everyone to line up and use my mouth until they cum. I hear a click and feel vibration coming from my pussy and my ass. Daddy has stuck a vibrator inside both holes and he turns them up nice and high. I start moaning immediately, feeling my orgasm come right back to the brink. Hands grab my head and A cock is pushed in my mouth, the owner fucking my face fast and hard. He cums almost immediately and stays in my mouth, holding me down so i have to swallow his cum. He leaves and a woman comes up and demands I stick my tongue out. I stick it out and she shoves her pussy in my face and starts to ride me. I stasrt moaning from the vibrators and feel my orgasm so close, and i try to hold on to it. she cums in my mouth and leaves and i beg Daddy to let me cum. He walks up to me and grabs my chin in his hand, telling me to do my duty as his little slut and make everyone happy. He goes behind me and grabs both vibrator and starts fucking me with them. My body starts shaking and I start screaming, my vision dimming from the pleasure. I ask Daddy to let me cum again and again and he laughs, along with everyone else and says no. Another cock is shoved into my mouth and I feel Daddy roughly pull out both vibrators. Hands grab my ass cheeks tightly, leaving scratch marks, and a cock is shoved into my ass. I feel no pain now, just raw animalistic pleasure and I start moaning around the cock in my mouth, slurping up as much of it as I can. I feel skewered by two cocks, getting roughly fucked from both sides. My limbs have gone tingly and my pussy throbs with a mininorgasm with each thrust. Both men start thrusting really hard and I know theyre about to cum. I feel cum go down my throat and I choke slightly. I feel cum shooting into my ass and the cock jumping around and I moan from the mix of pain and so much pleasure.

Both cocks leave and for a moment I have nothing inside me. I whine out loud that I want to be filled and I hear Daddy laugh and say something I cant hear. He walks over to me and starts to untie my hands and feet. i protest and tell him i want more, please dont let it stop. He laughs and keeps untying me. He grabs me and makes me stand up, leading me to some empty floor space. I hang onto Daddy and beg for more cock and he pushes me to my knees. Daddy undoes his pants and pulls out his cock. He grabs my head and makes me look up at him as he pushes it slowly into my mouth and down my throat. He holds my head down so I keep deepthroating his cock, making me watch him still. I gag and he lets me go, telling me what a good little cockslut I am. Daddy tells me to lie on my on the floor and spread my legs for everyone to see. I lay back and do what he said, my eyes on the ceiling so i dont have to look anyone in the eye. I hear moving and feel a cock at the entrance to my pussy, I look down and see Daddy between my legs. He grabs my hips and roughly impales me on him. I moan and he starts to fuck me hard and fast. My head is bouncing and my vision has gone dim. Daddy leans over me and wraps his arms around me, flipping us over in one swoop so that I'm on top. He tells me I'm about to get my wish and a cock pushes into my ass. I cry out loudly and feel my head pulled up and to the side where another cock waits. It goes in my mouth and all three cocks start fucking me at a hard pace. The only sounds in the room as the sloshing noises of my pussy and the slurping of my mouth while getting fucked. I feel daddy's hand go to my throat. He wraps it around my neck and gently squeexes, cutting off my air. My pussy and ass are both hot and slick and as soon as Daddy's hand is on my neck, I feel a big orgasm building. Daddy squeezes more and tells me I need to cum for him, now and it better be messy. The cocks pick up their pace and I lose control of my body, my orgasm taking over. My body shakes and i feel a gushing from my pussy and feel cum released in all 3 holes. I finish orgasming and my vision goes out.

I wake up in Daddy's bed, confused and disoriented. Daddy is beside me, and he wakes up as I try to sit up. My body is sore and my pussy feels tender. I ask him what happened to all the people, and he says he doesnt know what I'm talking about. I tell him I know what happened, and show him the marks on me. He says we had some rough sex but there were no other people, I must've had a really vivid dream. I lay back down and beside the bed I see note, it says thanks for the rehearsal and mentions how much fun the 'real' party will be.