Oasis Spanking

When Daddy and I went to the Oasis, we did lots of fun things, and we ended in the dungeon (the best place!)

It was filled with oddly shaped furniture, various things to tie people too and a giant sex swing.

Daddy bent me over an S shaped lounger so my bum was up in the air and my legs were dangling off the floor. He put his hand on the small of my back to hold me down and he started to spank me.

We were alone in the dungeon and I was nervous that the echoing spanking would attract curious people from other rooms. Daddy kept spanking me and suddenly he told me there was someone watching me from the door. I glanced up and saw a tall blonde woman watching us, with no expression on her face. She was the type of woman that intimidates me and her blank expression made it embarrassing. I felt my face flush and I looked away, laying my head back down. Daddy put his hand in my hair and pulled my head up so I had to look at the woman while he spanked me. He whispered that she was watching me and I should be so embarrassed that she was seeing me get spanked. Daddy started a steady light spanking rythym on that special spot on my bum that makes my pussy tingle. I could feel an orgasm starting to build and daddy told me the woman was going to watch me cum. I tried to look away and I tried to push away the orgasm but I came anyway, hard, arching my back and pushing my bum into Daddy's hand. I saw the girl still watching me, expressionless and I collapsed my head down on the lounger. Daddy rubbed me down from my bum to my head and sometime during that the woman left. Daddy told me I came in front of another woman, that she stayed especially to watch me cum and then she moved on. I was so embarrassed and humiliated, which is what made my orgasm so powerful. He said she had her eyes on me the whole time and that there was someone else just outside the door listening to us. It still makes me blush because I can see her face in my head, with that blank expression, staring hard at me while I got spanked.


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Very good little one. My post on the visit is here.