Memories of an Oasis

Some time ago we attended our first sex club. We spent a lot of time in or around the outdoor heated pool. We watched a little bit but the attendees we observed were a little shy.

There wasn't much socializing going on but the staff was nice. We did two very memorable things.

Taking to one of the beds, both of us naked, SS proceeded to go down on me. Another couple came in and watched from the end of the bed. We took this opportunity to show off how deep SS can take it and for others to hear her gag. I would peek past and the other man watched us out of the corner of his eye and the woman stared at me. Her smirking look gave me a slight and wonderful embarrassment that added to the scene. The two also commented quietly on the technique of SS. My girl did a phenomenal job, drinking all I had to give.

The other scene was in the very underused dungeon. I put SS over some piece of furniture and started spanking her and talking to her as I do. At some point another couple came to the door. I never saw the man as he was hiding behind the wall but the woman beside him just stared at SS. Her eyes never left SS once. I told SS she was being watched and her body flushed all over and she turned away. I took her by the hair and turned her face to look at the other woman. Her embarrassment was evident and I spanked her to orgasm in front of this woman who intimidated her. I never once touched her private parts as a part of the humiliation was to cum from just spanking and embarrassment. After the orgasm, the couple left and we made our way to a chair that spreads the seated person's legs. I grabbed my girl's chin and forced another orgasm out of her with words.

We lounged around the place much of the day but left when the loud music and dancing began as the atmosphere changed to one we were a little less comfortable with. I loved the experience and hope we return.


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It was a very new and unique experience.It's a shame the dungeon wasnt really used for what it was meant for by others as well. Swimming in the pool was fun too. It was hard at first to wander around naked but after a while it felt natural to be naked and weird to be clothed. I liked when we just went around to the different rooms and cuddled as well.

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We even danced. :)

How well do you remember the scene? What sticks out the most for you?

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Seeing the woman at the door sticks out the most for me, getting embarrassed about it and you making me look at her . Then orgasming with her still there, and you rubbing me down as she watched, then she walked away and said nothing.

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SS tells her side over here.