Erotic Fiction

Lately I've been trying my hand at erotic fiction. The sort of fiction I wish there was available for me to read. A couple of the short stories are more for SS. She did a write-up at my request (as part of an embarrassment session as I had her read it to me while I brought myself to climax) which I took and copyedited with some liberty.

I do small press publishing as a hobby business, helping new authors get their career going and creating projects like anthologies and games. I have never done erotic fiction before but much of what I read seems so tame.

What I've come up with are a half dozen shorts. Not really short stories exactly, but more like scenes. Scenes I would never act out, but reading them have the desired effect.

I have some thoughts on using a different label and pseudonyms. Perhaps giving erotic publishing a try. The other option is to post them at lushstories or literotica.

I'm not sure yet but I'm enjoying the process. I'm not sure I want to make them into real stories. Perhaps marketing them as "scene" ebooks would work.

I'll need some other opinions and avenues to market them.

With SS doing a lot of her own thing lately, I've had time to pour into this new idea. In the least it's felt great releasing the stories from my mind.

In other news, we've been talking to another person about doing a scene with SS. We're very excited about it as well as getting to know this person. She has something special that we hope will mesh well with us, even if it's just one scene or develops into a play relationship. I don't want to mention details about her without her permission.