Play day!

I had a play day with Daddy today!

We watched cartoons, napped, played games and DD made lunch and supper.

Daddy gave me some presents, a Hello kitty board game and a Chickadee magazine. ( I shared jokes and puzzles from the magazine with DD in his office.)

We played Guess Who, the Hello Kitty game, and tiny bowling on the living room floor.

Daddy let me watch Barbie Life in the dreamhouse, Jem and the Holograms, Littlest Pet shop and Ever After High. We also watched 'The Flash' during dinner, but it was live action.

I coloured a little, played with my marble tower set, and crocheted a bit.

DD also embarrassed me by making me stand like a pretty little doll while he watched me and got off. I felt so shy afterwards.

My favourite parts were playing the Hello Kitty game with DD and when I got 'in trouble' for literally poking daddy (and accidentally swearing, oops!). My punishment made both sets of cheeks blush! My bum was warm and tingly for a while afterwards.

My least favourite part was getting to DD's house and he wasn't there, I didnt go in until he came home, it's no fun being a lg without him there.

I had a really fun and relaxing day with DD, yay!


Smurfer's picture

I remember you being over my knee for some time, but not for punishment.