A "little" upset...

I tend to over react to stressful problems and in stressful situations. I panic and panic and....panic.

Since I discovered my lg, she's started to come out during these situations.

When I'm stressed and my lg makes an appearance I will have the urge to colour, or to hug a stuffed animal and cry. Lately it's been a mixture of both, lots of crying combined with lots of colouring.

I have crayons, pencil crayons, markers and a My Little Pony colouring book for when my colouring urge hits me.

For when my cuddling and crying urge hits, I have a Pinkie Pie stuffed animal and a stuffed guinea pig. I also will cuddle with a large , soft , red fleece blanket I own.

Sometimes the colouring will make me feel better. Other times it will just frustrate me, especially if I don't get everything perfectly within the lines.

I'm still trying to understand my lg, it seems like she's showing herself more and more lately, in good times and in bad.