More often then not, my little comes out when I'm out shopping. Especially if I'm in a store that sells toys.
Whether I'm with Daddy or by myself.

I'll be shopping along and once I start to see toys I'll suddenly feel the urge to skip and 'ooh' and 'ahh' over every toy I see. A little voice in my head will be saying 'Daddy, Daddy, Daddy' over and over again as I look wide-eyed at everything.

My little has no concept about money so sometimes I'll spend more than I like because I wanted some new shiny toys.

This doesnt usually happen if Daddy's with me, he can reign me in pretty good.

I find this hard to deal with if I'm shopping with someone other than Daddy, because I try to hold in all my little tendencies and act like an adult.

I think I'll always be this way, I'm never going to grow up.

And I'm okay with that.


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You are my sweet darling little girl and I'm so proud to be your Daddy.