There was a time when the idea of calling my Dom 'Daddy", horrified me. I thought it was wrong and it made me feel weird.

My Dom never pushed the subject but it subtly came up every so often in play. Then one day, I called him Daddy and I haven't looked back.

I can't remember when it happened or what caused it, but maybe he does. All I know is now I look forward to calling him Daddy, it still makes me feel funny, but in very good ways.

It's embarrassing and humiliating to an extent, but it also makes me feel safe and special.

I like feeling special and prized. I want to be Daddy's little princess and I see now how wonderful a DD/lg relationship can be. It's a special dynamic, but it is tough sometimes , on both of us. It adds a different dynamic to the relationship that is hard to deal with sometimes. I get stuck between behaving like an adult and behaving like a child and sometimes I can't distinguish between an adult vs a child's reaction.

It's what I would consider mild edge play, just because of the state of mind I get stuck in sometimes. It used to be that my lg would only come out when I was with my DD, but lately she sometimes comes out when I'm alone, or at work. It makes work difficult because my lg has no interest in computers, she just wants to have fun. It's an interesting form of escapism.

I've yet to figure out how to deal with my little when I'm alone, I need to figure out a way to push her back while I'm in the adult world. Don't get me wrong, she's an important part of me that I dont want to stifle but sometimes it isnt appropriate for her to come out.