My DD established some rules; partly because I asked him to, and partly because he felt it was what was best for me.

Some of the rules we have are:
No cereal for breakfast (This one is so hard for me to follow!!)
Be in bed by 10, play/read until 10:30 the latest. (Goal is to be asleep by 11 so I get 8 hours sleep)
No rolling eyes at DD (Not so hard now that I've trained myself a bit)
No yelling or shouting at DD (Exceedingly hard to follow because of my temper)
No Sour Candy (The gelatin ones with the sour salt on them, oh so yummy but bad for my tummy.)

Sometimes I'm not sure about the purpose of the rules.

They may be to protect me from doing things that are bad for me, they may be to help me control my emotions or they may be to protect DD.

Sometimes I'm very glad for them, other times I question their value.

It's a weird combination of control and freedom, that seems to be just what I need.


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How are you doing with these rules?

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I still follow them except for the sleep one, but that's not entirely my fault, since I've been having sleep problems and have been doing the best I can.

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I understand. Has sleep-time settled down for you now?