Love marks

Bruises freak me out. When we first started 'playing' I'd get really upset if Daddy left any bruises, (they were always accidental.)

Last time I saw him, Daddy left red marks and bruises. We got hot and heavy and lately i've been into getting bitten . Daddy obliged me and made me squeal and orgasm like never before , biting me all over. I woke up the next day with hickeys, bruises and scratch marks.

I complained a little to Daddy but he told me to remember what caused them and how I felt.

I'm having a hard time with my feelings about them now. On one hand , it makes me blush in excitement remembering what happened, and on the other hand it makes me blush in an ashamed way. I feel a bit unsure of myself, like I should be ashamed that I got off from such rough play. That I'm a bad/dirty girl.