We're still kind of new to the punishment part of the d/s or dd/lg relationship.

At first any punishment would be dealt out as a spanking. Recently Smurfer has introduced new punishments (we generally talk about them before, but not always). The last few times I've been punished I had to write lines, stand in the corner or face the wall.

My least favourite (well the lesser of a few evils) punishment is the facing the wall/standing in the corner. Which probably makes it the most effective.

My last punishment I had to face the wall , either sitting or standing, for what felt like a very long time. I was very mad and upset and I got punished for losing my temper (I raged and ranted and yelled and stomped my feet). I had to face the wall, and couldn't close my eyes or rest. I cried the entire time. I'm not sure why it affects me so much, but its humiliating and embarrassing and I really dislike it.

After I get punished or even during the punishment..especially during the wall time, I regress to my little . Just like that. And I cry and sob and throw a temper. Last night after getting put to the wall, I threw the few things that were within my reach, across the room. I got extra punishment for that, in the form of a spanking.

I can't tell if I'm regressing more because I'm being punished like a child (so I act like a child because of it), or if I've always been this way and am only now recognizing it.

The headspace I get in is confusing, oddly liberating and it disturbs me a little bit.