How It Started

Neither SS (SoundlySmurfed) nor I sought out this lifestyle. We naturally slid into it like a comfortable cardigan. As time went on, we learned that what we were doing had a label.

This all started as an electric romantic desire for each other and escalated into a passionate and very romantic dance between lovers.

While we were both rough with the kissing, battling for control, there was a specific action awaiting us.

Right away we exchanged a light-hearted bantering about spanking. I was very clear that I would never strike her in any way without her asking for it. Allow me to rephrase it with more clarity. I told her that I would not spank her unless she specifically verbally asked me to do so.

It wasn't long before that happened. Up until that point, I don't think we realized the fetish for spanking we both shared.

She asked, I agreed, and she went over my knee for the first time with her bare bum in the air.

An incredible time and a very fond memory of mine. SS gave herself to me in a most intimate and trusting way.

The first few spankings were a release for SS; a badly needed release that bonded us closer together. There wasn't really a sexual component to this yet, however spanking tends to generate a buildup of sexual desire within me. In these cases, when we finished each session, it became more about comforting her and making sure she felt cared for and safe.