I got my first soother recently from Smurfer.

I was always absolutely against the idea but I have definitely warmed up to it.

On one hand it's embarrassing and humiliating and it makes me very excited.

On the other's comforting and makes me feel safe.

We've used it for both intimacy and comfort.

I've been very stressed out and worried lately, so much so that I've been in tears alot. The comfort I get from having the soother in my mouth when I'm upset is quite amazing. Just the other day I was laying on Smurfer....Daddies chest and I was upset. He gave me the soother to comfort me and I laid there, content in the sucking motion of the soother and in feeling his arms around me. So much safety and warmth from him and the present he gave me.

I said I'd never use a soother ever.

I was very wrong, and I'm quite glad about that.