My little loves me...

We have been growing and overcoming speedbumps lately. It seems that before I can put together an article about our current obstacle, we resolve it. Some issues become totally resolved, others are at least on their way. Certainly some may return however we keep getting stronger.

We do have an unbalanced physical relationship, however lately that's another thing which has improved. My little girl is starting to understand that her Daddy needs voluntary attention from time to time and has acted upon this understanding. I'm very proud of her.

Some time ago I bought her a couple soothers. I hid them in a box until the time felt right. One night it did. I alluded to it and she grew embarrassed and excited but once she saw it and used it, her warmth was boundless. It regressed her further than before and we had a very good night. It was another instance though where she resisted being brought back up and this resistance concerns me. It's not a request from her, it's a demand.

She didn't sleep well and was tired and cranky all day. I did what I could to support her and after work she resisted coming back to see me but eventually asked me to decide for her. I had her come to me. She was overtired and needed soothing. I took care of my cranky little girl with cuddling, using her soother, chocolate milk, comforting words, and then letting her play while I worked. She surprised me by wearing a little girl t-shirt and a bow in her hair. She was beautiful. We went for a walk and then I let her play a little more until it was time for bed.

She got ready and then waited for me to tuck her in.

While tucking her in, I grew passionate and we kissed and touched gently. I put her soother back in and we made wonderful love. This wasn't about me liking the soother. This was about me liking how the soother made her act. Her cheeks went rosy and she became very tight. It sparked a great deal of sexual fervour from her and I became her partner in that fervour. I let her cum a few times and came close myself. Afterwards I tucked her in and brought her up a little bit with affirming words and rubbing. During this aftercare she looked up at me and in her cute little voice said "I love you Daddy," for the first time and it hit me like a wave. Yes, she has called me Daddy before, but not like that. It was amazing and terrifying at the same time. I'm responsible for this little girl who needs my protection, support, kindness, love, and so much more. A thought struck me for just a fleeting moment wondering if she was being hurt somehow. While I keep that concern and watch what we do carefully, I let it pass from the forefront of my mind and held her tightly, affirming her and loving her. I enjoyed that moment and it will always be this amazing memory. I love her with all my heart.

She went to sleep and I went back to work for an hour or so before getting ready for bed myself.