Lose Your Marbles

I didn't heartily agree to be pegged by my girlfriend. She begged and begged and I finally gave in. How bad could it be to make her happy. 

I got naked and she came in wearing a strap-on.  It was blue and didn't look too big.  

"On your knees."

I gave her a questioning glance but obliged when she returned 'the look.'

She pushed her cock against my face. 

"I thought this was just a little pegging, not humili..." She stuck it in my mouth, grabbed my head with both hands and started fucking my face. She cried out affirming her current superiority. Luckily I kept obliging.... until I gagged and tried to pull out.

She didn't let me and was stronger than I expected.

"Oh, is that too much little boy?" She pulled out and slapped it against my cheek.

"I never do that to you!" SMACK! "Ow!"

"You do it all the time but now it's my turn."

After some more gagging and smacking she seemed to have enough but the knowing smirk on her face disarmed me farr more than her current antics. She was so full of herself. I will turn the tables on her.

She had me lie face down on the bed and poured some ice cold lube onto my ass. She poked a little in with her thumb and I growned.

"Is it in?"

"No silly, that was just warmup. There is so much more coming."

I was starting to regret this, but the only bright side was that I would get her back when things were normal again. 

I felt her push against my hole and the feeling is hard to describe. That first bit. As she enters me, my legs and arms spasm out and I grunt.

"Awwww, is the little boy having trouble taking his medicine?"

I wasn't able to speak, just groan. She kept sliding in. It felt so big. Did she switch dildos?

I couldn't move much but she started going in and out slowly, "There there little one. Come on in Nash."

What? Nash? What?

"How's he doing?"

"Oh, he's taking it like a little champ."

I tried to speak, "Whaaa. Wass he doin her, her, here." This wasn't good. I hate this guy. She said he was a jackass but I knew somewhere inside that she thought about him and feared she fantasized about him. She had mentioned that his cock was very big but that it didn't matter. I thought she liked the shape of mine better or something.

She started fucking me faster and harder, "This is our new life baby-boy."

"What? Uh. No. Uh. It's. Uh. Nawwwww, uhhhhhhhh," She was hammering me so hard my upper body was lifting off the bed with each plunge. 

I felt a hand between my legs. It wrapped around my balls and squeezed. "Aaaaaaaaaaaah," I yelled.

"Feel that lover-boy? Your balls are in Nash's hands while I fuck you. You're such a little slut."

"I feel it. My balls! Nash! Uhhhh! Owwww! Not so hard."

He was squeezing and releasing pressure over and over, getting increasingly harder and harder.

"These little things? They're not balls. Little kid marbles maybe. Easy to manage. Easy to control."

"That's right little boy. Now you're ours. Our little bitch. Say it."

I hesitated and Nash squeezed hard during a thrust. "Ahhhh! Yes! I'm a little bitch, whore, slut, baby. I'm your bitch. I'm the bitch. Oh fuck me like the slut I am! Take my balls Nash. I want to be the boy and you're the man. You're a real man and I'm the bitch."

Where the fuck did that come from? Oh shit. Oh no.  My balls are wrapped up tight by another man. My ass is being penetrated over and over by my... mistress I guess. I'll never turn the tables. This is the new normal.

She leaned by my ear, "Things will never be the same again."