Demure and Intrepid

SoundlySmurfed and I attended our first fetish club. I doubt either of us knew what to expect and I was very impressed with SS's calm demeanor. She didn't panic once.

We arrived way too early and waited in the car. Since it's a bit of a trip for us, we may still arrive early next time but hangout nearby for while. I like being there as it opens.

People were friendly and we received a tour of the public and private areas. The swings in one of the private areas intrigued me as well as the shower, but mostly I think we'll want to be in the public area.

I enjoyed the social time with people, seeing some toys, the food, and watching the play. It was a light crowd. One D/s twosome caught my eye as the sub reminded me of SS in how she reacted as well as her youthful enthusiasm. They even had a similar body type. There was also a friendly guy who showed off his toys and tried them out lightly on SS's thighs. Another guy invited us to watch his scene.

I was quite protective of SS but grew comfortable with the people that reached out to us.

She turned to me with a cute sheepish look and asked if she could wear her collar. I smiled and complied. Later she asked me if I would spank her in front of everyone.

We went over to the spanking bench and I had SS pull her dress up to her breasts and bend over the bench. I laid out the implements I planned to use and performed a scene with her. I enjoyed every second of it.

I found it interesting that no one seemed to be paying attention to us. Certainly being in the group added something to SS's experience but for the most part I drowned it out and focused on her. Even though no one seemed to pay close attention, we did receive positive comments afterwards.

The night flew by and before we knew it, we really needed to head home. We were both exhausted on the ride back.