The Tit That Changed Her Life

It had finally happened. Maiya stood beside the love seat, looking at her nemesis. This was only their second real life meeting and the only one that was by her choice. The first time.... It was.. Will remain... Soooo not ready to talk about it yet.

Maiya voluntarily took off her clothes and crawled across her nemesis' lap. 

Her cheeks burned red with embarrassment as she knew she was being judged and compared. Maiya was loved but this submission and humiliation was the culmination of her fantasies. She just never expected it to actually happen.

Her nemesis was the one woman alive that intimidated her and undermined her facade of confidence. She knew the truth from day one and finally... Finally now she acted on it. 

The slaps on her ass came down softly and slowly and Maiya felt her bum cheeks jiggle which led to more feelings of embarrassment and shame. She should have worked out more. 

To be over this woman's lap, naked, while her nemesis remained fully clothed was terrifying and yet exhilarating. It was such a strange feeling to be horrified and yet feel her pussy moisten at the same time. 

As the spanking increased in force and speed, her nemesis put her other hand at the base of Maiya's spine to hold her steady. It accomplished it's goal along with making Maiya feel even more helpless and violated. 

Once upon a time only she knew that being violated turned her on in the most powerful way. Now two others, including the woman spanking her now knew it.

Maiya was in the hands of a superior woman, not that she'd ever admit it. 

The spanking subsided but the hand stayed on her back.  Helpless she just waited, unable to peek at the other person watching.

She jerked up and let out a little "Uhh" sound when she felt something against her anus. It moved around and as her eyes widened, Maiya felt it penetrate her. She groaned. Her legs and arms flailed out with the shock of initial entry but went limp as it deepend it's penetration. 

She felt a hand cup her pussy and realized that while it felt big, it was only a thumb in her ass with the hand cupping her most delicate private parts. 

Her sex was being softly held while her ass was violated. The mixed feelings of comfort and humiliation caused her pussy to moisten and she knew her nemesis could feel the liquid seeping out.

"Look at you all helpless and happy," a male voice said. He whom Maiya loved was in front of her. She looked up and could feel her cheeks burn with the humiliation of this position. 

"You look so cute being handled like this."

He grabbed Maiya's hair and pulled it back while looking into her eyes. Without being able to look away, she stared into her Master's eyes, losing herself as she always did. She belonged to him in every way. 

He handed Maiya's hair to her nemesis who wiggled her thumb deeper and slowly pulled the hair back forcing Maiya to lift up onto her hands and her legs to involuntarily bend toward her bum. 

"What a perfect arch to your back," he stated, "It will make a great picture. Hold her there."

As he grabbed his camera and Maiya shook a little with humiliation at the helpless position, her submission to this, and the thought of it being immortalized in a picture; her pussy became immediately soaked. She could feel her slick juices between her nemesis' hand and her pussy. Acknowledging her wetness, her nemesis moved her fingers around making squishy noises which only made Maiya hornier. She loved noises.

Just as her Master took the picture that would immortalize her ultimate humiliation and submission to this superior woman, she closed her eyes, arched a little more and moaned as an orgasm was building. 

He noted to her nemesis that Maiya was about to cum which caused her nemesis to pull much more tightly on her hair and wiggle her thumb around inside Maiya's ass more violently. 

She felt a hand caress under her chin. "Who's my good little bitch? Who's in the hands of a superior woman? Who's just a wee little girl hoping to be dominated?"

Maiya moaned as the words sunk in and brought her even closer to climax, a height she never felt possible before. It's like her sensitivity and pleasure climbed and climbed but the climax stayed just out of reach.

"I'm your little bitch. I'm just a little girl. I love being dominated by a superior woman, this superior woman. She has the power. I am a toy, putty in her hands. I am your slave. I'm such a silly little bitch for ever resisting this. I love being..."

With the last few words he pinched Maiya's cheeks while her nemesis yanked her hair hard and shoved a thumb deep which caused and eruption like nothing Maiya had ever felt before.

Her feet almost hit her head, her face fully red, her bum clenched, and like a fire hose being turned on she squirted explosively everywhere.

Maiya lost all sense of time and all feeling in her body. She felt herself being moved around gently by many hands. Some time later she realized that she was still on her nemesis' lap but looking up at her. A small breast with a tiny nipple was exposed before her face. "That's it wee one, take Mommy's tit."

Maiya took it in her mouth and sucked like a baby. She felt comforted and safe. Curled up she noticed a blanket covering her and her Daddy looking on with a smile. She looked back at her nemesis. No. Now her Mommy.