A Little Help 2

[Smurfer here. This story happened around eight months ago and was written up a short time after that. Please see my blog post "A Little Help" for some general information and our comments about this occurrence. We waited to have Indigo's permission before posting this story. I only edited it slightly hoping not to change SoundlySmurfed's voice. I hope you enjoy it.]


Daddy and I went to a fetish club. We'd been here a few times before but tonight was special because we were going to do a scene with someone. Daddy had arranged it all and it was a birthday present for him. We were at the club for a little while before our friend showed up who was doing the scene. As soon as I saw her, I got all shy and immediately went little. I couldn't really look at her and had a hard time talking to her without being little. We talked for a little bit and eventually made our way downstairs to the private rooms. We got a nice big room with a big elevated bed and lots of mirrors.

I had to call our friend Miss in this scene, because she was in charge. Daddy took a seat beside the bed and I sat on the bed beside Miss. She showed me all the gear she had brought and made sure I was okay with it all. She looked me over and then helped me take off all my clothes. I was wearing a flowery skirt and a t-shirt with a flower on it, and a pink bow in my hair. Under that I had on a matching grey/pink bra and panties, which Miss liked and commented on. She finished stripping me and told me to get on all fours. As soon as I was in position, she started to look me over. She even grabbed my bum cheeks and spread them so she could see all of me. I whimpered in embarrassment and she made an 'aww' sound. She commented on my pussy being bald just for her and it made me happy. She started touching me all over my body, scratching my back and rubbing me all over. She alternated between kissing and biting my back and sides. Every time she bit I would cry out. She raked her nails down my back and I arched into it, my head going back. She started rubbing my bum; each cheek and then both at once.

She started to spank me with her hand, warming me up for harder spanks. Every time I would whimper or cry out she would make an "Awwww' sound and I would feel my face flush. She switched to her tools and started spanking me with a paddle. After a really hard whack I fell forward onto my tummy. She told me to get up and to lay on my elbows this time. When I did this, I felt my bum exposed. The position let nothing hide and it made me so embarrassed. She called Daddy over to look at my pussy and my bum. She giggled and Daddy made comments about how pretty it was and I hid my face as best I could. She had me stay on my elbows and knees, my ass pushed open and into the air. She started spanking me in earnest and I fell over quite a few times on my tummy.

Each time I would drag myself back into position so she could spank me more. Daddy moved around the room, watching from different spots and I was always aware of where he was. Initially I tried to watch everything going on in the mirrors but after a while I subspaced and my head rested against the side of my arm, my eyes closed and my mind blank. She flogged my back and my bum and even my pussy a bit. I tried hard not to jump while she flogged my pussy, it felt good but it stung too. She would take breaks to nibble and kiss me, and scratch marks into my back.

She asked Daddy if I'd been good and luckily I had been good that week. Miss asked me when the last time I had Daddy's cock was and I was stunned for a second and asked which hole she meant. She laughed and asked for details. I told her I had Daddy's cock in my mouth earlier that very day and she asked if i was a good girl and swallowed Daddy's cum. I had swallowed Daddy's cum, but it was humiliating to hear her asking me. She asked me if I wanted Daddy's cock again and I said yes. He came to stand in front of me and put his cock in my mouth. I started to suck Daddy off and Miss started to rub the outside of my pussy. I was surprised and moaned around Daddy's cock. Miss stuck a finger inside my pussy and started to fuck me with it. I started sucking harder on Daddy and I could feel an orgasm building deep inside me. When I got close I tapped Daddy so he could pull out and I could beg him to let me cum. Miss had said at the start that I had to beg Daddy to cum when the time came. I begged and pleaded and Daddy kept refusing me, over and over. I lost the orgasm a few times but it always built back up. My voice was low and agonized, I kept saying 'Daddy please let me cum' and after a while all I could get out was 'Daddy please!!'. He made me hang on and on and Miss spanked me while she fingered me, making my legs tremble. Daddy finally told me I could cum and I let go, Miss still spanking and fingering me. I felt liquid gush out around her finger and heard the sloshing noise of it as she finished me off. I collapsed forward on the bed when I was finished and daddy rubbed my head. Miss got the special aftercare blanket that Daddy and I use and I curled up into her on the bed, the blanket wrapped around us. She snuggled with me and held me close, rubbing my hair and telling me how good I was. She told me how proud she was of me and I snuggled in closer, all interwined with her. She told me I had squirted on her hand and I felt embarrassed . She held my hand and told me I was beautiful and I felt safe and warm next to her. She went back upstairs after making sure I was okay. Daddy and I played around after that and Daddy made me cum twice in that room, teasing me about the scene that just happened. When I walked upstairs finally with Daddy I was a very happy girl. I felt so satisfied and Daddy said I was glowing. Daddy and I were talking about the scene upstairs and I goaded him into telling me about the scene again. As he talked I could feel an orgasm building in my belly and I begged Daddy to keep talking. He talked me right into an orgasm, my body shuddering right there in the chair.