A Little Help

We went to a Fetish club again. It was our third time at this particular one (see blog entry Demure & Intrepid for visit #1).

It's a fair drive for us to get to the club being at least an hour and a half which makes for a late night.

We missed most of the evening event that showed off various kinks but stayed for the play party. It was neat to see how they transformed the show back into a play space.

We saw a few familiar faces but didn't know many people. Neither one of us is very outgoing but I think we seem friendly. I feel like we're friendly and most people seem to enjoy spending time with us once they make the move to get to know us.

SS was dressed in her favourite lg outfit, looking as cute as can be. Eventually I noticed her acting a little odd and extra shy with some blush in her cheeks. I looked around and there was Indigo (a pseudonym for the sub mentioned in the D&I blog entry noted above). SS kept avoiding looking at her and was regressing more and more with each second. This began the dynamic of the night.

Indigo said hello and noted that she'd be back. SS was very embarrassed. I fed her embarrassment and we moved to a better location to chat. Later when Indigo stopped by again she sat down.

They had a cute conversation like two littles meeting and I beamed with delight as I watched their very innocent banter. This very moment was one of my all time favourites. Two little girls chatting about little girl things and getting to know one another. I smiled ear to ear the whole time. Then Indigo said she needed to get prepared and went away. I talked up SS some more and when Indigo came back we went to a private room.

I had negotiated the scene ahead of time with Indigo and we made some easy compromises. I watched as SS, in full little girl mode, was dominated by Indigo. It was a wonderful scene and Indigo kept me included and the focus of SS. I'm not sure I've ever smiled so much in my life. I won't speak to details as it's a private scene between us and Indigo. I will simply say that we really enjoyed ourselves and I certainly hope Indigo did as well.

When we were back in the public area, people would walk by and say, “Wow, she had a good time!” SS' limbs were like jello and her smile seemingly permanent. There was an obvious pleasure aura about her as she leaned on me in her afterglow.

Indigo was off enjoying another scene and we are so honoured she took the time to play with us. We tried to stick around to say goodbye to her but it got very late and we were exhausted, so we made the trek home.


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I was definitely on cloud nine after the playtime, I dont think I'd ever felt so satiated and at ease as I did then. We closed the scene nicely too, with just the two of us, cementing our feelings for each other after something very intense. It was new and different and I didnt dare brat with someone I didnt really know. if we ever did it again and I got comfortable with the person I think I would eventually start to brat and act up. It's natural to act up with Daddy because I know what buttons to push and what hes going to do for the most part!)

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Indigo seemed very aware of our relationship and respectful. I was impressed. She kept you right at the raggedy edge without crossing any lines. It was an intriguing dynamic.

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Yes it was alot of fun, with lots of sensations and almost too painful at times.

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You wrote a very nice retelling of the private events to me. You're getting better and better at storytelling every day. I'm so proud of you.

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We recently added this story as a blog post here.