Friendly Dominance

Another rowdy bonfire party done and time for cleaning up. Drake was the only one who stuck around to help out. We're both a little drunk but start to work.

He makes a comment about getting other people to help out next time and I responded wondering why since he's such a good bitch for helping me out. 

Drake stopped and looked up at me. 

I just smirked and continued working. "It's good to have a little bitch to cleanup after some fun."

I was too busy to notice him come up behind me and jumped when he asked "Who's the little bitch here?"

I turned face to face with him and said "You," as I went too shove him away. He grabbed my arm and put me face first into the dirt while locking my shoulder. I told him to fuck off and struggled.

He started putting pressure on my shoulder and asked if I had enough yet. It wasn't pain but the pressure made me afraid he'll break my arm and I panicked. "Leggo, leggo, leggo." I couldn't move.

"I think you're the little bitch," Drake stated. 

"Enough playing around Drake. Let's get back to work."

"We will, but you need to learn a lesson." Drake put a little more pressure on my arm and I went limp. I wouldn't give in though. I was concentrating on my shoulder and didn't notice my pants sliding down until my dick hit cold ground. 

"What the hell are you doing?"

"Teaching you who the bitch is." I heard his belt unbuckle and felt a cold breeze over my bum cheeks. 

"You could just admit it now," Drake offered.

"Admit what Drake. Stop this nonsense. I'll kick your ass when we get up. Fear flowed through me despite my words and my voice cracked.

I felt his cock against my ass. Oh my god. I'm going to take my friend's cock up my ass. He'll know I've taken it. He could tell people. I don't want this. "Please stop."

The head of his cock started to enter my ass and I groaned and went limp. He let go of my arm and I still felt helpless. I tried to claw my way forward but he had his dick sliding into my bum. All I could do was groan. All I could do now is submit. 

"How's that little boy? You're taking a real man's cock in your little bum now. Who's the little bitch? I think the one taking cock."

I was the little bitch. I felt like a little bitch, his bitch. It felt like it would never end. He just kept sliding deeper and deeper. I couldn't talk, just groan and cough.

"There we go. Now I'm going to fuck you and spank your bitch ass. Then I'll cum inside you and we'll have settled who the bitch is."

As he started going in and out I felt a hand rest on my ass cheek. I finally got my voice as my head started bouncing up with each deep insertion. 

"I'm the bitch Drake. Please." Until he said it, I never considered he migh shoot his sperm inside me. That's too humiliating. I can't do that. "I give in. You win."

"Oh, I know, but we'll cement this with me cuming in you. "

He started pounding me harder and all I could do is bounce along with him. I was a little alarmed that my cock was grinding into the earth, fully erect but as he started spanking me fiercely it shriveled quickly up.

I heard my voice screaming with each smack, begging him to stop, admitting I was his bitch,  telling him that I'd do anything.

I could feel it building to a crescendo and he shot his load inside me. I was completely cowed. Limp and exhausted from the motions.

I screamed when he slid out of me and my body convulsed.

"There. I think we know how this works now. Who's the little bitch?"

"I am," I mewled weakly. 

"Let's finish cleaning up. Get up when you can."

I layed there for awhile and finally pulled my pants up and finished cleaning up the mess. I couldn't look him in the eyes and he made no motion to do so. We finished and went back to the house. 

Drake went in and showered. I just sat on the steps and fell asleep.

I woke to him standing in front of me in a towel. 

"Okay, I cleaned off but we need one more thing to cement the new pecking order here."

I just looked up at him. He slid his towel off and I looked at his large cock. Oh geez. It's so much bigger than mine. How the heck does he have a cock so much bigger than mine? No wonder it felt like it went in forever. My butt clenched at the thought. His cum was probably still in there.

He looked at me expectantly but I was slow on the uptake.

"On your knees little bitch."

I complied. He stood in front of me, his penis resting on my lips. 

"What are you expecting?" is what I tried to say but he slid his cock into my mouth when I spoke and when I tried to pull away, gagging, he held my head with both hands and started fucking my face. I stopped resisting and started sucking. 

My first cock and it was my friend's. I was his bitch now. He had me. I felt the texture of his cock go in and out of my mouth and he came once again inside me. I swallowed it all. 

"This will be regular now. Whenever I want and you will obey me from now on. If you ever disobey me or irritate me, I will spank you and reassert my manly dominance over your little boyhood. 

Don't test me. I don't care where we are or who we're in front of. You are my bitch now.

I nodded.