Away From Keyboard

We booked a bed & breakfast this past weekend. Originally we were going to rent a cottage but we chose this route together.

One other thing, this B&B has a dungeon. 

That's right, we went to a Bed & Dungeon. 

We had no idea what to expect. I certainly had no clue what the hosts were like or their house. We just rolled the dice and took a risk. As usual, we also overpacked. Okay, I overpacked. What can I say, I have a boyscout mentality.

Giants in the sky peed on us the whole way there. We arrived to be greeted by a jovial and welcoming couple who helped us with our luggage and gave us a tour.

I'm pretty sure my eyes grew wider with each part of the house we saw. It was awe inspiring what they've done with their basement. 

When the tour was over, our excitement was high and we felt not only welcome but also safe in our home for the weekend. 

Scene One

I whipped SS a little and talked her through whipping me until I said she'd have to tie me up to continue. Essentially she was doing so well I needed to be secured so I could let go and enjoy it.

I really can't recall how the evening turned from me Topping her to me submitting fully to her. She did things to me that have never been done and took me to new glorious depths. She opened up a part of my soul previously unseen. It wasn't only wonderful but also devilishly intriguing.


I'm not sure when we slept as time slipped away from us. It was a "no technology; no outside world" weekend.

I woke up early and let SS sleep until we had to get ready for breakfast. 

Like everything else this weekend, the food was better than anything we anticipated. The company at breakfast was excellent although at first, because of our shyness, we were unsure of how long to chat.

I honestly can't exactly remember the morning. As SS stated, Saturday felt like 3 days instead of just one. I did go for a walk alone while SS napped which helped me settle and soak in some sun. 

We had brought some pulled pork for lunch and borrowed bread from our generous hosts because silly me forgot to bring the buns. 

After our stomachs settled;

Scene Two

I softened her up while keeping in mind the need to keep her capable of another scene later.


We made it up for dinner on time and had a fabulous dinner. We were both very hungry and ate all we were given and our hosts were generous, informative, and fun.

After dinner was:

Scene 3

She asked to be taken right down and I obliged. When reaching a point where I would normally stop she signalled me to continue a couple times before I did and I took her as far as I could before my gut told me to stop. 

Things I learned;

Having your arms secured at full extension for a long time works the biceps.

Trying to escape while secured to a sawhorse works the abs.

The limb spreading chair is still my favourite.

I loved their cuffs.

I need some ceiling hooks for bondage at home and some "temporary dungeon" furniture. 

There is nothing like having a whole dungeon to yourself. 


It was everything we needed and more. We're heading back for a play party and are already talking about our next weekend there.