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Sunshine, Rainbows and Spankings!

Lately things have been very good. DD and I have found comfort in our dynamic and we've definitely grown. I haven't felt little much lately, but sometimes that goes in phases.

He said no, and yet...

I asked DD if I could be his sub again recently. After considering it for a few weeks his final answer was no.

Yet since then he acts as if he had said yes, he expects complete obedience and wants complete control without using the label or actually taking on the responsibility of being my Dom.

He gives me scenes in public, and takes the attention he wants.

We had a major fight last night that ended with us grappling and me getting a semi-scene.

DD doesnt like when i get upset, he expects me not to yell, cry or be emphatic with my voice.

The opposite of cold buns...

We went to a bed n breakfast this past weekend.

Fri night we were checking out the dungeons and DD and I ended up doing a scene. I topped him quite viciously and left many bite and hand marks on his body. I made him scream and wail, and it gave me a dizzying sense of joy and power. My brain would tingle everytime he'd scream. I felt high on power and enjoyed every minute of it.

A Little Help 2

[Smurfer here. This story happened around eight months ago and was written up a short time after that. Please see my blog post "A Little Help" for some general information and our comments about this occurrence. We waited to have Indigo's permission before posting this story. I only edited it slightly hoping not to change SoundlySmurfed's voice. I hope you enjoy it.]


Cross my heart and hope to subspace

We went to a club last night and had a scene on the cross for the first time. I was nervous and excited! I wasnt feeling very little so I dressed in all black for a change, like a good little hoe. :)

DD used lots of implements on me and the sensations felt different because I was standing up, we've never really done a scene with me standing up before.

Been there, Scene that...

We went to a fetish club just over a week ago. We got there pretty late because we wasted time being silly.

DD and I saw a few people we know and chatted with one of them most of the night . DD and I bantered back and forth a little bit and he embarrassed me in good ways in front of ther people.

We were going to do a scene and before we started DD put my collar on me, it's a thin black leather collar with a cute cat bell on it. He also put a leash on it, lent to him by our friend.

What's the point?

DD and I are not on the same page and this past weekend was a complete waste of time and energy. (Except for Kites...yay Kites.)

This blog is supposed to be a safe place for me.

Just when i think I've got us figured out, a wrench gets thrown in,

DD loves his little girl to be sure...I dont know what he thinks of any other part of me. He spoils her like a princess and takes really good care of her.


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