Gor RPG Interview with James Desborough

A controversial tabletop roleplaying game made it to the public via crowdsourcing and is currently picking up steam. Gor the RPG is based on John Norman's books which hold a special place, close to the heart of many kinksters. Today I interview Grimachu who acquired the license to make this game. Onward kinky soldiers!

Lose Your Marbles

I didn't heartily agree to be pegged by my girlfriend. She begged and begged and I finally gave in. How bad could it be to make her happy. 

I got naked and she came in wearing a strap-on.  It was blue and didn't look too big.  

"On your knees."

I gave her a questioning glance but obliged when she returned 'the look.'

She pushed her cock against my face. 

The Tit That Changed Her Life

It had finally happened. Maiya stood beside the love seat, looking at her nemesis. This was only their second real life meeting and the only one that was by her choice. The first time.... It was.. Will remain... Soooo not ready to talk about it yet.

Maiya voluntarily took off her clothes and crawled across her nemesis' lap. 

Her cheeks burned red with embarrassment as she knew she was being judged and compared. Maiya was loved but this submission and humiliation was the culmination of her fantasies. She just never expected it to actually happen.

Friendly Dominance

Another rowdy bonfire party done and time for cleaning up. Drake was the only one who stuck around to help out. We're both a little drunk but start to work.

He makes a comment about getting other people to help out next time and I responded wondering why since he's such a good bitch for helping me out. 

Drake stopped and looked up at me. 

I just smirked and continued working. "It's good to have a little bitch to cleanup after some fun."

I was too busy to notice him come up behind me and jumped when he asked "Who's the little bitch here?"


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